Ravit and Shiri. Photo by Shiri Amit, reproduced with her permission

A poem about friendship

Nice article, Mark, but it is completely undermined by the existance of Paul Collen, the lead guitarist of Def Leppard, who still apears shirtless at the age of 63 , looking better than I did at 18. He's a vegan and a karate black belt, which might have something to do with it. And to squeeze some reflected glory out of this, we went to the same hight school.

Ghosts of the Blitz

Wikipedia Commons

Running along the cemetery path,
swaying trees, over gravestones, sharp shadows cut,
“Killed by enemy action,” on the stones inscribed.

Two friends, we run, a child’s fear of the dark,
the moon is white, there is no sound,
the cemetery path, a haunted night.

We scream in fear, skidding over damp leaves,
along rows of marble slabs; the Luftwaffe’s gift,
we call, “Awake, children, your friends are here. ”

On this white night, we call ghosts to arise,
but sadly comforted when they do not appear,
they are happy in heaven, we are reassured.

Fleeing the night, then giggling our…

A poem

Copyright: Moshe Forman

I wait so wearily upon the shore,
as I lay my sleepy head to dream,
a lonely boy, for my ship I wait,
to find what lurks deep in its hold.

A ship of love, of friendship too,
a ship with laughter, a smile each day,
a ship of hope where freedom reigns,
to sail me away from this forlorn coast.

And who is the captain of this battered ship,
a hard taskmaster, or a nurturing soul?
May there be kindness upon its decks,
not stern rebukes and dungeons locked.

May its sails, sodden with storms of pain,
drive it unscathed…

Training your mind to ignore distractions

Photo by Hannah Wei on Unsplash

I was sitting in my living room late in the evening with the lights down low, doing something that I had not done for a long time: listening to music with no other distractions. I took a sip of wine and smiled contentedly. My change in lifestyle was paying off. I had just had the most productive day in living memory. I had finished all my planned tasks by 5:30 p.m. and managed to spend some quality time with my family.

This was a dramatic change to the preceding months of working late into the night, day after day, on…

Now the virus has another major symptom: non-stop interruptions from restless extroverts

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

“Come to the living room, my cousin Jane is on Zoom.”

My partner’s voice beckoned me once again to leave my writing and join her for yet another Zoom session, the fourth such event this day.

I dutifully went to the living room, said hi to Jane and her family, and after a few minutes of forced smiles and extensive enquiries about everyone’s health, made a comment about “lots of work” and escaped back to my computer.

Before the pandemic, we saw Jane and her family once or twice a year at family events and holidays. For me, that was…

A poem

Photo by Eliott Reyna on Unsplash

I see you by the coffee machine,
with your soft grey eyes, you look up and smile,
just a little wider than politeness demands.
If only I’d known you in high school.

I’ll go out tonight, get myself a beer,
think about the times we would have had,
rock concerts, pubs, and movie shows,
If only I’d known you in high school.

We’d giggle and sneak an underage beer,
And talk about music and the meaning of life.
I’d have pecked your cheek after the bus ride home,
If only I’d known you in high school.

You’ve read a few…

Moshe Forman

When I’m not a poet, novelist, or writer of short stories, I’m a writer of creative non-fiction exploring Self, Food, Society and History. www.mosheforman.com

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