God’s Speed

Moshe Forman
Mar 30, 2023

A poem

Photo by cmophoto.net on Unsplash

May you fly with God’s speed,
and at your journey’s end,
be rested with the sleep of a thousand nights,
to rise again, refreshed, with the morning dew.

May you dance the dance of a thousand steps,
leading your spirit into a frenzied dawn.
Scream your hearts anger to the winds,
leaving your rage on a distant shore.

May you kiss and be kissed a thousand-fold,
each one a star in the galaxy sky.
Moonlit nights of wine, and fingers that touch,
your heart no longer fearful of its own refrain.



Moshe Forman

When I’m not a poet or novelist, I'm exploring Self, Food, Society and History. And when I'm not doing that, I'm a technical writer. www.mosheforman.com